Freak Of The Week (x_noelian_x) wrote,
Freak Of The Week


So, I have a job!
I am now a Stand Attendant at the cinema! Yay!
It was my first day yesterday, I only did three hours, but it killed my feet! D: I'm going 4 hours Friday night, so I'm going to die xD Hopefully I'll get used to it soon though.
I am also working on Sunday...but being the idiot I am, I forgot what time as soon as I hung up the phone D: I shall have to ask on Friday :P
But, my uncle is supposed to be taking me to work on Sunday since my parents are going to see Bruce Sprinsteen >_< I don't want him to take me. I really don't like him :S That's gunna be an interesting car journey.

But yeah, in other news, my laptop exploded. I'm SOOO pissed. I need that laptop, otherwise I'm just going to be sitting watching TV for twelve weeks while I'm not working. My mum's like 'Yeah, well just go out with your friends'...hmm, my friends that never ask me to go anywhere? I don't see why I always have to ask them to hang out with me...why can't they ask me once in a while? I love how my parents actually think I'm liked at school XD
How do I get my dad to take my laptop to get fixed? All he said when i told him it exploded was 'oh, just turn it off for a bit'. THERE WAS FUCKING SMOKE COMING OUT OF THE SIDE, AND IT WAS RATTLING! There's something seriously wrong with it!!

Anyway, I'm not allowed on here for long (oh, look at that, my mum just walked ast and had a go at me for still being on here), it's my dad's laptop. So I'm going to go be bored in front of the tv.

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