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Jedward Secret Valentine; Brace yourself for love; sweet love

Title: Brace yourself for love; sweet love.
Pairing: John/Edward
Rating: 12 I’d say.
Must have: John/Edward, gift or card exchanging, snuggling, just lots of cuteness
Must not have: death or sadness in general (there might be a tiny moment of sadness. But I hope the level of happy and cuteness makes up for it XD)
Maximum rating: not bothered at all
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. They own each other ;) Title taken from Secret Valentine by We the Kings <3

"Happy valentines," the pretty, brunette girl smiled at John, stopping him in the school corridor.

John smiled back and accepted the card she handed to him. He watched her walk away and then looked down at the card. "Edward" it said on the envelope. John rolled his eyes and shoved it in his bag. Yet another card that he'd been given that was labelled for Edward, and it wasn't even Valentine’s Day yet!

John met his twin at the bench that they usually meet at at lunch. Edward was bouncing on the balls of his feet and grinned widely at him.

"Hey John!"
"Hey,, I've got something for you," he said, getting the card out of his bag.
"Aww, you shouldn't have!" Edward teased.
John nudged his arm and laughed shortly, "It’s not from me."

John just watched his brother's face as he opened the card, smiled and then put it carefully into his own bag.

"I got three more today," Edward told him with a proud smile. "How many have you got?"
"None," John mumbled.
Edward's face fell, "what?! B-but we're twins! We have to have the same--!"
"Hey, don't worry, ok? I don't mind. I know that everyone prefers you, ok?"
"Well they shouldn't," Edward pouted. "And anyway, I bet most of the cards I got were supposed to be for you."

John gave his twin a small, thankful smile.

All the cards that the boys had received were stood proudly on the mantelpiece. John's two next to Edward's six. They taunted John every time he was in the living room. He tried to ignore them as he sat on the sofa, Edward's head resting in his lap, but he could see them out of the corner of his eye, reminding him who everyone's favourite twin was.

"I'll be back in a bit, John," Edward smiled, moving to get up.
John frowned, "where're you going?"
"I--I just gotta do something upstairs quickly...something for school...I'll only be a minute."
"I'll come with you--"
"No! Really, John, it's fine, I'll only be, like, a couple of minutes."

John frowned harder, but let his brother go. He felt hurt that Edward was obviously lying to him. It made him incapable of watching the TV. He was distracted, wondering what Edward was really up to. So John, despite his brother's wishes, decided to venture upstairs.

The bedroom was a mess. It wasn't that messy when they'd left it earlier. Clothes had been pulled out of the closet and were scattered across the floor. Their art box had been pulled out from the bottom and the majority of its content had been tipped onto the carpet. Sitting, cross-legged, in the middle of the tip that was their room was Edward. His tongue was sticking out in concentration and he was grasping a prit-stick. Glitter shimmered on his face and it was buried in his hair. Only Edward could have made this much of a mess in such a short space of time.

John smiled lovingly and stepped further into the room, "what're you doing, Edward?"
The younger twin jumped and dropped his glue stick; he looked at John with surprised eyes, "John! You're not supposed to be up here!"
"Why not? What're you doing?"

Edward quickly covered what he was making with his hands, but not very well because John could make out what it was.

"Is that a valentine’s card?"
"Pfft, of course it's not," Edward laughed nervously.
"Don't lie, who's it for?"
The younger twin blushed and looked away, "no one."
"Just tell me, ok? I want to know. Is--is it for a girl at school?"
Edward glanced up, biting his lower lip, "uh, yeah...yeah, it is."
"Oh," John mumbled, his gaze falling to the floor, looking at all the paper and sequins. "Which girl?"
"Just leave it, ok, John? It's--it's private,"
"Fine!" John growled, storming out of the room.

Edward felt terrible. He hated arguing with John, and this time it was all his fault. All because he lied to his twin. Edward was desperate to run after him and apologise, but he had to finish his card.

Sighing, Edward grabbed his prit-stick and glued the photograph inside the card; just under where he had written "Dear John" in his neatest handwriting. The picture was one of Edward's favourites of the two of them. It was taken on the Christmas Day just gone. Edward was sitting on the sofa, John's head lying in his lap. They were both grinning widely, deep in an energetic conversation, while Edward had his hand tangled in John's styled hair. Neither boy had noticed their mum taking this photo, they had been too engrossed in each other, but when Edward saw it, he adored it. It was natural, it wasn't posed. It was just them. Together.

It was difficult for Edward to get the card into its envelope; his hands just wouldn't stop shaking - and all the glitter, hearts and sequins made it quite a fat card - he was nervous. What if John didn't love him in the same way? What would happen to them? Would John hate him?

Edward took a deep breath before licking the envelope and sealing it. Valentine's Day wasn't for another day, so Edward tidied up and hid the card down the side of his bed. He would give it to John in the morning; that way, if John got mad, Edward could hide as best he could at school. Now he had to go and find his brother.

John was back downstairs, in front of the TV. Edward quietly sat next to him. John didn't even look at him. The younger twin sighed and stared longingly at his brother.

"John?" he asked quietly.

John's jaw clenched and he kept staring at the TV. Desperate for attention and forgiveness, Edward shuffled closer, pressing himself up against John's side.

"I'm sorry, John. I--I'll tell you tomorrow who I gave the card to, ok?"
"No," Jon replied sharply. "I don't want to know what stupid girl you gave it to, ok."
Edward's face dropped, "you don't? You said you did..."
"Yeah, well I changed my mind."
Edward's lower lip began to tremble, "John, please don't be mad at me?"
John sighed and looked at his little brother, "I'm sorry, come here."

Edward fell into John's outstretched arms and hugged him tightly.

"It's Britney!" Edward exclaimed when the Hit Me Baby, One More Time video came on TV.
John smiled and got up, "dance with me?" he giggled, holding out his hand.

Edward grabbed it and jumped up. Both boys danced around the room, laughing and singing with the TV up full blast.

Afterwards, John collapsed on the sofa and Edward just fell on top of him.

"Ooft!" John gasped but laughed, giving his brother a playful shove.

Edward just smiled innocently at him and didn't move. John didn't mind. He repositioned himself so that he was comfortable and wrapped his arms around Edward, letting him lay against his chest.

"Edward, you've got, like, loads of glitter still in your hair and on your cheeks," John smirked.

Edward giggled and shook some of it out, sprinkling it on John's shirt.

"No! Stop! I want a picture of you, ok?"

Reaching into his pocket, John grabbed his phone and snapped a photo of his twin. Edward turned the phone around to have a look, smiled and then settled back down against John's chest to continue watching TV.

"Night, Edward," John smiled through the dark as they lay in their beds, trying to go to sleep.
Edward smiled back, sleepily, "night, John."

Edward woke up before his brother, but John wasn't asleep for much longer. John sat up in bed and rubbed at his eyes.

"Happy Valentine’s Day," Edward smiled over at him.
John grinned back, "yeah, happy Valentine’s Day, Edward!"

Edward showered first and all the while he wondered how he would give the card to John. He decided that he wouldn't be able to do it face to face, so he'd have to leave it somewhere for him.

After his shower, Edward wrapped a towel around his waist and went back to their bedroom. John smiled at him as he came in and then left for his own shower.

While his brother showered, Edward got dressed and styled his hair. He then grabbed the card and stared at it for a moment before placing it on John's pillow. Edward didn't want to be there when John found it, so he went downstairs to have breakfast. It felt weird going down to breakfast without his twin.

He had just reached the bottom of the stairs when he heard the shower switch off. Nervous, Edward hurried into the kitchen. He was relieved to find that it was empty - the rest of his family were still in bed, the twins happened to be early risers. Edward found his beloved Coco Pops and poured himself a bowl, taking it to the sink to add water. It was then that he heard his brother's voice.

"Edward?!" John called from the top of the stairs. "Edward, would you come here?!"

The younger boy froze. He was scared to go to him. The tone of John's voice didn't give away any hint as to how he was feeling. Slowly, Edward left the safety of the kitchen and stood at the bottom of the stairs, looking up at his brother. John just smiled and motioned for Edward to come upstairs.

He was kneeling in front of the built-in mirror on their wardrobe when Edward came in their room.

"Would you do my hair please, Edward?" he asked, holding up a hairbrush. "You can always do it so cool."

Slightly confused, Edward stepped forward and took the brush, pulling it through his brother's hair gently. John wasn't acting any different. Had he not seen the card? Edward glanced over his should to John's bed; the card was gone. Edward's head snapped back to John's hair and his breathing got heavier. He made sure he just focused on John's hair as he brushed, sprayed, straightened and styled it. Looking at John's face would just make him more nervous and put him off. His hands were shaking enough as it was. He would be freaking out even more if he had noticed John watching him in the mirror, a knowing smirk etched on his face.

"T-there...I'm done," Edward announced, his voice cracking slightly.
"Thanks, Edward, its deadly!"

Edward nodded, still not making eye contact with his brother and, and got to his feet, putting the brush, hairspray and gel away. He turned to leave but found John leaning against the closed door, blocking his exit. Edward swallowed nervously, his eyes wide. John was just smiling easily, and then he nodded his head in the direction of Edward's bed. Slowly, Edward turned and saw a red envelope on his bed. He tried his best to stay calm as he picked it up. His back was kept to John as he opened it. Tears began to form in his eyes as he pulled out the handmade card. "When would John have been able to make this?" Edward thought to himself. He hadn't been able to make his card for John in secret.

The card was pink with a big red love heart in the centre. But stuck in the middle of the heart was a photograph. It was a picture of the twins in the par, Edward on John's back, his arms and legs wrapped around his twin and his head leant on John's shoulder. Both of their faces were screwed up with laughter as John had just finished spinning them around in circles. A beaming smile broke across Edward's face at the memory and he gently opened the card. Small heart sequins fell out as he did so and his tears finally slid down his cheeks as he read John's message.

"Dear Edward,
Happy Valentine’s Day
I love you, Edward, and I'm so glad you're my twin and that I can share everything in my life with you.
Now matter what, I will always love you, ok? And I hope you will be my valentine and that we'll be together forever.
All my love,
Your John xxx"

Edward stood the card up on their dresser and wiped his tears away before he turned back to his brother.

"John, I--"

Edward didn't get anymore words out because John had rushed forwards and crashed their lips together. Edward gasped and stumbled back in shock, but he soon linked his arms around John's neck and kissed back. John's hands ran down Edward's sides, resting on his hips and pulling their bodies flush together. The older boy took control of the kiss, running his tongue over Edward's lips, urging them to part. Their tongues wrestled together and John's grip on Edward became firmer. Edward lifted a leg to wrap around his twin, desperate to get closer. This caused them to lose balance and to topple over onto Edward's bed. They both broke into fits of giggles. John rolled on top of Edward and pressed a short kiss to his lips.

"I love you, Edward," he mumbled against his brother's lips.
Edward sighed happily, his heart beating faster at John saying the words that he longed to hear, "I love you too, John."

John kissed his brother again, tangling their legs together and linking their fingers by Edward's head. John wiggled slightly to get more comfortable. This movement caused their crotches rub together and created friction in their trousers that made both twins moan in unison.

"John!" Edward gasped. "That--do that again."

John giggled and rocked his hips against Edward's again.

Edward's head rolled back as he moaned with pleasure again. John licked his lips and then attached them to the pale skin on Edward's neck. John continued rubbing their hips together as he bit and sucked on his brother's neck. Edward made the most beautiful noises. Ones that travelled straight down to John's groin.

Their breathing grew heavier and they were both achingly hard. It wasn't much longer before they came hard in their trousers and moaned each other's names.

John collapsed against Edward's chest as they tried to catch their breath back. He smiled lazily at his twin and leant up to connect their lips in a slow, sloppy kiss.

"That was actually amazing, John," Edward panted. "I really love you."

They lay together for a while, just kissing and enjoying each other's company. But they were disturbed by a knock on the door.

"Come on, boys," their mum called. "You don't want to be late for school."

The twins groaned and John moved to get up, pulling a face at the wet mess in his underwear.

"I don't want to go to school," Edward complained. "I just want to stay here with you."
"Then let's not go."
Edward's eyebrows raised, "what?"
"We'll, like, tell mum that we're ill, ok?"
"Yeah! I'll go tell her, you stay here, ok?"

John ran downstairs and into the kitchen to find their mum.

"John, you look...flushed."
John began to blush, "uh...yeah, me and Edward, like, don't feel too good. We don't feel well enough to go to school."
"Are you sure?" she asked, sounding sympathetic. She spotted Edward's abandoned bowl of cereal, "are these yours?" she asked, picking them up and taking them to the sink.
John shook his head, "no, they're Edward's."
"He didn't eat his cereal? Maybe he's not feeling to great then...ok, you can stay off today. Just go back to bed, ok?"
"Yeah, ok, thanks mum."

John went upstairs and broke the good news to his brother. Edward flailed happily and kissed him. They decided to clean themselves up and change into some comfier clothes before crawling back into Edward's bed.

"John, where's the card I made you?"

John got up and retrieved the card from under his pillow. He smiled as he placed it next to the one he made for Edward. John climbed back into the bed, lying so that he faced his brother. They wrapped their arms loosely around each other and just smiled.

"Did you like my card?" Edward asked quietly.
"Of course I did..but the one I made was better, only messing, ok?" John laughed. "I loved your card. It's amazing."
Edward grinned, "good. I love yours lots too."
"I, like, love you lots, Edward."
"I love you too. This is going to be the best Valentine’s Day ever."
"It is. Just you and me."

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