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I Guess This Is Growing Up.

So, it appears as if I have not updated my journal in a while!! How did I let that happen?! I shall now change that.

Well, what has happened recently?

ahh, in my last post I said that I was doing 5 subjects...yeah, well, I finally dropped one of them. And it was History. I just couldn't take it all. Especially with having Mr Craig as a teacher, and apparently since I dropped it, Mr Craig hasn't even been turning up to many I guess it's good that I dropped it when i did!!

My favourite subject is still Film (: I just find it so interesting...and Mr Roberts said that the next stuff is even better!! So that's got me all excited XD We got our progress reports today as well. I'm already working at a B in Film!! Which is already higher than my "predicted grade" -happyface- tbh, the predicted grades are stupid and inaccurate xD haha! But still...a B! and I'm only like 3 months into the course!
I'm studying Milk for one of my coursework pieces. It's such an incredible film. I tear up everytime. I had to choose the death scene as well, didn't I?! xD What a silly girl I am!

hmm...oh yeah! New obsession! Well, it's not exactly NEW, but it is since my last post xD
I love John and Edward :P They are so freakin' amazing!!!
They may not be the greatest singers in the world, but they're not as terrible as everyone makes out! Everyone just seems to love to hate them. But I think they are two of the most adorable and entertaining guys ever!! Watch their video diaries and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Just look at their gorgeous faces...need I say more?

I've also started going to Cell Group, which is a Christian Youth Group. It's so much fun and the people there are really lovely. It has really helped me with a few things. And a friend has actually been helped through me going there, which makes me really happy.

I don't know what else to say for I'm going to go play on the dance mat for a bit :P
Byee guys!

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