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Between You and I

"Maybe it was wrong of me to think I could keep you
And maybe it's the last few drinks
Taking over my mouth and all I've been thinking
I want you to know that I am fine here without you
But I can't bring myself to lie to you.
And since we're being honest, I feel I should tell you
I've been filling up the empty space between you and I."

Between You and I by Every Avenue.
What an amazing song.
I honestly tear up everytime I listen to it.
It's really beautiful.

Anyway. I haven't updated in a while, and since I don't feel so great at the moment, I'm just going to ramble on (:

Well, I'm back at school now, doing my five A Levels. Five which I'm perfectly happy with, but everyone wants me to drop one. My mother obviously doesn't think I'm capable of doing five. But really, the one I would drop would be History, and that would just annoy my parents. They're not exactly happy with me doing Theatre Studies and Film Studies, I can tell. They wanted me to do English Lit. But there was no way I would've done that. I've suffered in English enough.
I really enjoy Film Studies's a weird but interesting subject. And it's not some pointless, "doss" lesson that many people seem to call it. And hey, at least I enjoy it too. Everyone else seems to be complaining about their subjects.
Also, people pity me for the fact that I only have one free lesson every 2 weeks. But come on, we've been through 12 years of school without having free lessons!!! Also, it seems certain people are getting bored of their frees already :P Oh dear...I pity you.'s going ok, I guess. I can't stand Gareth still. He's a bastard. But most of the other people there are decent. I love work if there are people I like on the stand xD
Sunday there was only four of us for Show 4. Me, Liam, Leah and Kinga. I love those guys (:
AND! Apparently Bourner and Parsons have swapped jobs?! So now Parsons is head of the stand?! That is very good news =D Bourner's a prick.
Found out today that starting from October I get an extra 3p an hour xD wow...3p...but I guess it all adds up slowly.

Sometimes I feel like just locking myself in my room with just my music as company.
Music is the only thing that doesn't hurt me. It makes me feel emotion, but once the song is over, I get over it.
It's much harder to get over the problems in my life caused by human contact.
I honestly feel like I would get alone much better just being by myself. My friends don't give a shit and maybe I wouldn't be so disappointed if I was alone?
Seriously, it's like I'm not important at all. They all have their own little secrets that they all know, but am I allowed to know? NOPE. I'm obviously not trusted...and they have the nerve to complain about me for not telling them things. I used to tell them EVERYTHING! But now that I know how much they keep from me I don't see the point in telling them anything. They never ask anyway. Who cares if Holly's ok? Not them, obviously. They don't ask because they're 'scared of my reaction'. WTF?! I'm not violent!! What do they think I'm gonna do?! Ergh.

 I need something happy to put in this...this has become waay too depressing. Surprisingly, that is not what I planned it to be. It's just what came out.

I saw The Used two week ago!! They were absolutely amazing!!! One of the best live bands ever! Seriously! I had so much hassle surrounding them though! It was horrible.
1. Dad won't give Holly a straight answer as to whether she can go.
2. Dad says Holly can go...but London tickets have now sold out.
3. Dad now has to drive Holly and friend all the way to Leeds.
4. Keeley says she can go...then says she might not.
5. 2 days before the gig, Keeley says she can't go.
6. Holly has to find someone else in ONE DAY.
7. Saturday morning (gig day), Holly FINALLY finds someone to go with her...PHEW!

But Saturday, September 19th was one of the best days ever (:
I got to fucking MEET The Used too!!! I needed to loo, and they were just in the pub across the street! I was so shocked!! Haha!
Me and Beth had a proper conversation with Dan (: It was epic. My good mood was ruined the next day though when whoever I told just didn't care or told me that they hated me and said they weren't speaking to me anymore. 

I saw Tim Minchin last week. Oh my God, he's hilarious! I was actually in tears while watching him :') 'twas an amazing experience. I really need to see him again.
This tour was so much better than his "so fucking rock" show - the one his dvd is of. I love the songs in it...but some of the speaking bits and a couple of the poems drag on a bit. Luckily, at this tour, the "Ready For This?" tour, he only did one 'beat-poem"...although that was nine and a half minutes!!

And on Friday night I'm seeing All Time Low!!!!! WOOO! I'm SOO excited! I really am!
I've wanted to see them for so long, it's crazy!
Bit pissed that the venue's been upgraded (I like smaller venues) but as long as I get a decent view..then I should be ok. tbh, I'm going for the music and Jack Barakat :P omnomnom. I shall post pictures if my camera works and decides not to flash too brightly :P

(Ew. Paramore just came on iTunes...-skips-, I actually feel like listening to them again :P)

Ok. I want to have a little ramble over Joel McHale from The Soup...haha.
He's actually amazing.
The Soup is rapidly turning into one of my favourite shows. I've been watching it for a while, but it's always been difficult for me to be able to watch it at normal times as my little brother is usually always watching tv at that time...but now we have Sky+ Wooo! Series link of The Soup! :P
Joel is hilarious! He seriously brings me to tears like all the time. (And hey, he's pretty nice on the eyes too :P Yeah...he's what?!)
Now that I've series linked it, my brother seems to like watching it too. But he's the only one who will watch it with me.
None of my friends seem to see what I see in it. They just don't like it =\ (If they say they like Harry Hill's TV Burp, I WILL kill them...)
I don't see how anybody could not find Joel fun. He's a comedy JEM. (Joel Edward McHale was a bad "joke")
I need to find somewhere where I can watch Community...
(OMG HE'S REGULARLY ON LOVELINE!! That show is my guilty pleasure...haha.)
Have a video (:
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Anywaaaay...I have no more ranting/rambling.
Have a good week everybody (:

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