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Yes, I'm A Quitter.

I've only been working for about a month and  i already hate it so fucking much.
The hours are horrible. Who would want to work from 10am to 8:30pm? At minimum wage? And only being able to sit down when you have your three 20 minute breaks?
They never give you set days that you work. They tell you two weeks before, so you have no chance to plan a thing around your shifts! That causes my mum to shout at me and blame me for not being able to predict my shifts.
The managers are some of the moodiest bastards I've ever met. They shout at you because they are stressed about the tennis? Make you give two weeks notice on holidays when you haven't even worked there two weeks?

So, good points?
I earn money...
I have two friends there. two points enough to make me stay? I honestly doubt it.
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