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Wicked (:

So, today I went to see Wicked at London's Apollo Theatre for the third time xD
It was for my mum's birthday present, and it was amazing.
I still think that the first time we saw it was the best time...Kerry Ellis FTW!
The new Elphaba is a bit too nasal for my liking. She can sing REALLY well, you can tell...but then she suddenly goes nasal?! WTF are you doing?!
I miss mah Boq :( James Gillan was such an amazing Boq. I feel i love with him/his character as soon as I saw him. This new guy, Alex, has NOTHING on him! I miss James and his gorgeous Scottish accent. James is such a better actor and singer. I'm not saying Alex was bad, he just didn't stand a chance up against James imo xD And at moments, I swear Alex was trying to channel James...that didn't impress me.
Dianne Pilklington was amazing as always xD She's such an incredible Galinda! 
We had closer seats this we could see so many things we never saw before. Oliver Thompsett looks pretty bad upclose in those leggins he wears in Dancing Through Life xD Oooh deary me. We saw him before he went in the stage door though. He was looking pretty babe'n xD
OMG and the guy in the Chistery costume is GORGEOUS!!! He came out at the bows without his mask, and I was just like ":O WOW!! -wantsone-" xD He may have made up for the lack of James xD Haha.
Anyway. That is all.
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